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What is Google SEO and How to Do it

What is Google SEO and How to Do it

Search Engine Optimization is an amazing procedure performed by skilled professionals to improve the visibility of your business website or your content. If you are wondering what is google SEO, then read further for detailed information about this exciting concept. Search engine optimization allows your video content or article content or your official website pages to take the topmost ranking of Google search engines. Let us learn more about this wonderful virtual technology that has gained marvelous heights of glory.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has been considered as one ultimate choice of strategy for improving your virtual visibility. This technology allows you to increase knowledge about your presence in the Google search engine results. If you are starting up your business and would like to establish your territory virtually, then you must think about SEO implementation.

It is a productive process that helps to maximize traffic and eventually grow your organization with excellent opportunities. When you thrive hard and accomplish the highest ranking in the Google search engine page results then it will automatically receive extraordinary traffic.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

Importance of Google

People often wonder what is google SEO important in the real and virtual world. If you possess a website or Web content or video content in Google platforms, then is inevitable to apply this wonderful strategy. Studies have confirmed that more than 95 percent of traffic for any virtual content or Website and any online portals comes from the Google search engine results.

Importance of traffic

As we all know, when a person searches Google for certain topic keywords, then he or she will be receiving thousands of website results. Every page will contain an introduction to diverse websites. These Internet people will mostly select the websites from the first few page results and avoid later Google pages. I think now you know the importance of search engine optimization. More than seventy thousand people are performing some searches through Google for every one second periodically.

Importance of clicks

If you are wondering what is google SEO and why is it important for my online victory, then you should understand few vital points. It is a well-known fact that only those websites visible in the first few pages of search engine results will be receiving more than a percentage of a click rate than the other websites. Once a person clicks on your website, then there is a powerful chance for them to be impressed and be converted into your client eventually.

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Tips to build top SEO ranking

World technology is constantly changing and it is absolutely important for us to be updated, knowledgeable, and evolved according to the Search Engine Optimization strategy. You need to understand the basic elements used for implementing the strategies of SEO technology and maximize your rankings in virtual marketing platforms. We have shortlisted a few basic Google SEO strategies to be concentrated on for guiding all budding entrepreneurs and competitors to succeed in their ventures.

Optimization of keywords

Keywords are the basic source code for Google to identify the contents of your particular website or content. You need to prepare content for your website enriched with your keywords. Usually, keywords optimization is created and inserted according to the niche of the particular content.

Create unique and significant content that is interesting, informative, and innovative. Therefore, your website content will be visible on the first pages of Google when a person searches for this particular keyword relevant to the niche. This strategy will automatically attract targeted clients and maximize traffic.


Important aspects of search engine optimization include various features like meta-description, title tags, headers, and alt text. These are the essential strategy that highlights about the rich content that the people visiting your website can expect.

  • Meta descriptions are a short catchy explanation of the contents of your website. This description should include the keywords and will be portrayed for the targeted clients searching for that particular keyword. The impressed readers will click on your website immediately.
  • Titles of the headings and subheadings you choose for your website should contain keywords related to the topic niche and be tagged to your website. Therefore, when a person searches that particular keyword, Google will easily identify your website and place your website on the top-ranking position in the search results. The title is the first thing that your targeted clients will notice, and so make it more attractive and informative.

The architecture of the website

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The architecture design of your official website pages should be focusing on the possibilities, functionality, and design. When the online person clicks on your website the design should be simple and easy to navigate. The contents should be interesting and catchy. It should start loading faster and the reader should be able to grasp all the elements easier. Only then the visitor will stay longer and purchase your service.

Building a strong foundation

Trust is the most important feature to be genuinely built for surviving in the virtual platforms. If you wonder what is Google SEO trust-building means, then it involves certain things. Google expects certain high standards such as HTTPS and SSL certificates for believing in the worthiness of your website. You can optimize traffic and top ranking in Google search engine results only if you possess these certificates. The visitors of your website will grow trust that you are a genuine professional and not a scam.

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Hyperlinks and links

Links and hyperlinks should be built from your content to your website, for creating a firm foundation for your virtual business portal. This is a powerful feature and is crucial for opening doors of opportunities from diverse sectors of online marketing programs.

Unique attractive content

The content you create is the base of your entire website construction. What is Google SEO strategy worth, if your website does not contain the relevant information the visiting reader requires. Therefore, you need to create very informative and unique content that will attract the visitors to be engaged for a longer period and eventually transform them into your clients.

Once you have invited online audiences into your official website they should be satisfied with the content they read. It should contain genuine information about the relevant keywords. Make ample research before uploading your content and make it very interesting and informative. Good luck!

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