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SEO With SquareSpace – Actionable Tips To Improve The Site’s Searchability

SEO With SquareSpace – Actionable Tips To Improve The Site’s Searchability

Yes, it’s true that there is no shortcut or magic to go to the top of search results. Have you come across often that SEO with Squarespace is not good? There are so many myths that revolve around Squarespace that can negatively impact SEO. But the truth is absolutely not.

There are several steps that can strengthen your potential and improve the searchability of websites in this area. Learn the tips that you have to know about SEO best practices and Squarespace here.

Importance Of SEO

SEO is typically a set of processes that help in optimizing the website in order to perform well in search engines. The better you can do with the SEO strategy, the higher the place in Google or more often you will be listed on Google.

Operating in the competitive world, SEO holds its importance more than ever for businesses. If you want your business to be visible to the eyes of potential customers, then you certainly need SEO. As per the statistics, more than 51% of website traffic arrives from organic searches, it is pretty important to serve the users or searches on the internet to climb up on the ranking.

SEO With Squarespace

Squarespace SEO (2021) — Checklist, 16 Key Steps

Squarespace is considered a great platform for so many reasons including easy-to-use CMS, gorgeous templates, and a comprehensive set of strong features such as e-commerce functionality.

But the most raised question among the people is ‘Is Squarespace SEO good?’ To be accepted, the initial Squarespace SEO seemed to be a little weak, and there contributed a number of reasons such as unfamiliar search terms, difficulty in managing some of the tools to optimize websites, and lack of SEO plugins. To be honest, Squarespace is under criticism for its SEO abilities. Although this platform may not be quite popular for SEO, still it is the one that has all those that you need to perform better.

One of the major advantages that you get by building a website on Squarespace is that you don’t need to possess any coding knowledge. What you require is just a little time to obtain a beautiful website. You can benefit from so many features that include eCommerce checkout tools, built-in SSL certificate protection, and even you can get a custom domain name.

Tips To Improve SEO On Squarespace


If you are going to build your website from scratch with Squarespace, then it is good and worth the effort to consider that it is structured with SEO in mind. Need to know why? Well-structured websites will benefit users with easy navigation and thus come to you later in good rankings. Easy to navigate is not only going to help users but also aids search engine bots, well, this is very important for your SEO strategy.

Enable HTTPS and HSTS

Google has announced in 2014 that the website’s secure HTTPS version will be a ranking factor. And security is important for any website, right? But what is HTTPS? HTTPS can be elaborated as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a standard protocol to govern the transfer of data from web servers to browsers. If such a transfer is not encrypted, it is prone to the attack of hackers. HTTPS can solve this issue with its Secure Sockets Layer by encrypting the data. HSTS means HTTP Strict Transport Security that ensures the visitors are always sent to the secure version of a website.

Customize your title tags

With Squarespace you can find for every page, blog, or product, you will have a tab for editing the title tags. However, it is shown as optional, not required. But I am sure that you will know that Google crawls the page title of a web page by default.

It is good to make use of better keywords that will attract an audience in the page title when they search on the internet for search results. Hence customizing the title tags has an important role here.

Simplify URLs

In order to get good SEO results, it is necessary that you keep URLs as clean as possible. And there is good news for you with Squarespace. In the Squarespace platform, clean URLs are done by default and they will be based on the name of each page. However, if you have a blog on the Squarespace website, then you may have to edit the URLs and make them clean before you publish the post. URL length has been listed at 54 on the top 200 ranking factors of Google.

Since Squarespace has a facility to customize the URLs of web pages of websites, you can target the keywords and denote the subject directly in the URL of pages.

Build high quality and SEO-rich content

Writing High Quality Rich Content For SEO

It’s certain that you will know that a lot of benefits can be obtained from high-quality, relevant, and SEO-rich content for your business. Google is looking for the best, informative, and most relevant content to fulfill the user intent and thus brings up the right answers to them. Hence it is time to concentrate on writing the best, informative, and most relevant content that can satisfy the user intent.

Google has already introduced E-A-T which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. You can write the content based on this by finding out the keywords that you have to target in your niche and start writing the piece of content for answering the search query.

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Improve Page Speed

From the announcement of Google in 2018, it is known that page speed is a ranking factor. And of course, it always has its impact on the positive user experiences, conversion rates, and maintaining visibility in search engines.

It is necessary to make your website load in less than 2-3 seconds and anything over will give horrible experiences to the visitors. There are multiple factors that constitute the speed of a website and hence when you make any changes to the site, ensure the loading speed.

Implementing the above steps will improve SEO with Squarespace and help in augmenting the chances to be ranked on Google.

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