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List of Best Tools for SEO – A Comprehensive Guide

List of Best Tools for SEO – A Comprehensive Guide

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the call of the hour. Without SEO, any web content is nothing. As a digital marketing expert, one needs to have complete control over the SEO part. Then only any website will get a life. SEO optimization is an art that can only be acquired if you have deep knowledge in it and if you carry on doing the same for some time.

Why Use Tools for SEO?

Which are the best SEO tools for beginneres? free tools or paid?

Well, SEO tools will save important time for you. If you don’t use SEO tools, then you have to continue data analysis manually as well as keyword research individually. SEO tools can help you a lot in providing valuable input to make your strategy for any activity. Several SEO tools will provide you quality and an in-depth report about your competitors and how to go ahead using those insights. You can easily measure the performance based on region, language, or even on countries. If you are managing more than one website, then SEO tools will come as a great help for you. Those tools can individually assess the performance of each website and can give you a detailed report based on which you can plan your next course of action.

Popular SEO Tools

If you talk about tools for SEO, there are numerous. All don’t work in the same fashion. While most SEO tools work with keywords, certain tools deal with other aspects also. Let’s pick the best ones from the lot that are popular, used by the professionals, and can add value to your website. Here are the best ones:

Google Search Console

Arguably Google Search Console is the best one of all the SEO tools you will use in your lifetime. It is free and will give you a detailed report on your website in Google Search Engine Pages. You just activate the Google Analytics in your website by simply adding a code and your website will be ready for indexing using the sitemaps shared by you. Search Console will help you a lot in understanding how Google works and how you can optimize your site in better ways. If you are planning for a new website, then Google Search Console should be your ideal choice for indexing your pages.


Ahrefs is regarded as one of the best SEO tools available online. As usual, Google comes as the first one and people prefer Afrefs immediately after Google in terms of website crawler. This is the best tool that will highlight to you the necessary part of your website that needs to improve if you are interested to have a higher rank in all search engines. Using Ahrefs, you can analyze the backlinks used by your competitors and can work them out accordingly. Ahrefs is also instrumental in checking and fixing the broken links on your website. This is the best tool in terms of vital content research, SEO audit, competitor research, rank tracking, and keyword research.


SEMRush is very popular as a utility marketing SEO tool. Professionals use SEMRush to access the page rankings very easily and to check new ranking opportunities. SEMRush is very popular among digital marketing people due to its unique domain vs domain analysis that can compare your site with your competitors. You need such information to have an analytics report for comparing keywords and domains. It can help you a lot to increase the page rankings also in leading search engines. Its organic traffic insight option will help social media persons to manage the dashboard very easily with all contents available in a single click.


Ubersuggest has become very popular as a keyword tracking tool. It is a free keyword finder tool that will help you in identifying relevant and appropriate keywords needed for your website. It will suggest to you the right terms needed for your website to feature in the top list of SERPs. Ubersuggest works with seasonal trends, CPC, competitor analysis, keyword volume, etc, and has become a popular name among professionals. You can use this tool for both paid PPC and organic SEO purposes as its main strength lies in the usage of keywords inappropriate way.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the SEO checkers tools that are here for some years without much exploration. Although this has not been utilized due to some unknown reasons it is equipped to give you comprehensive information about a particular keyword.  If you are not sure about the latest trend in a keyword and you want to have information regarding rising queries or top queries, then Google Trends is the best SEO tool for you.

Fat Rank


Fat Rank comes with a Chrome extension that is responsible to analyse the performance of any website. It will not only help you in identifying the ranking of your keyword but also will give you enough resources to crack in the top pages of any search engine. If you need to know how a specific keyword is ranked, you can simply type the keyword and can find the result. It is very easy to use and 100% accurate. Being a free tool, it is also popular among a large section of digital marketers who shy away from paying to other applications.

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These are the best tools for SEO purposes. There are thousands of such available online and you are free to use any of those. But these were handpicked considering its robust performance over the years and according to the experts who are using the same for quite some time. SEO tools are a necessity for any digital marketing person if he is really serious to take care of either single or multiple websites. You can have a detailed analytical report that can help you a lot in understanding where you are present, about your competitors, and what you have to do to be among the top list in any search engine. If you start using these from today, you are bound to get a positive result in some time.

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