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Learning About What Digital Marketing Is

Learning About What Digital Marketing Is

We have heard about digital marketing quite often. But do you know what digital marketing is? In high level, digital marketing means advertising through different digital channels like,

  • Email
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Social Media etc

Using these digital marketing channels, companies find a great opportunity to promote their well-known brands, goods, and services.

Digital Marketing has become a great platform for companies to market themselves since the advent of the internet. And now even more this platform has gained significance in this pandemic situation.

What Digital Marketing is – The Different Types

After we have seen what digital marketing is, let us take a quick look at the different ways companies can endorse their products and services through this platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This marketing tool is marketing by nature. SEO is basically the science & art to make the websites more lucrative to the search engines. It comprises research and weighing several contributing elements to reach the highest ranking possible.

To maximize a website, the key elements to take into consideration are:

  • Content’s Quality
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • User Engagement Level
  • Inbound Links (Quality & Number)

However, to maintain the performance of a website, monitor it closely and regularly for adjustments.

Affiliate Marketing

In this type of marketing, someone can earn money by endorsing the business of another person. Either you can be the owner of a business that works in coordination with the promoter or the promoter. The process is all the same in ANY case.

The entire process moves around the revenue sharing plan. As an affiliate, you can earn a commission every time once a customer buys the product or service you endorse for.

On the contrary, as a merchant, you make the payment to the affiliate for every sale that happened because of them.

In both scenarios, the first and foremost thing you should do is making connections with third parties. Either choose the platform to unite retailers with affiliates or join or begin with a one-retailer program.

There are numerous things affiliates can make to make the program even more appealing to prospective promoters.

Email Marketing

The 7 Step Guide to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign | SaasList

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to state what digital marketing is all about. The concept is quite simple all the way.

You send endorsement messages to the prospects with the hope that they click on these emails. Do you really think this is easy? Not really…..while the concept is simple and clear, the implementation is too complex.

First, ensure that your emails are watched and wanted. This comprises of the following points:

  • Offers clear-cut unsubscribe option
  • Customize the content with a well-structured subject line and body
  • Clearly expresses the kind of mails the subscribers prefer to get
  • Incorporates both promotional and transactional emails

You would definitely want to view your prospective customers to check your campaign as a key service than a promotional tool.

Email marketing is an effective and proven technique for the promotion of brands, goods, and services of other companies. 89% of surveyed experts confirmed it to be one of the effective lead convertors.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

As the name Pay-per-click marketing implies, it stands for posting an advertisement on any platform and make the payment every time a customer clicks on such ads.

When and how customers see your advertisement is a bit complex. This is because an algorithm gives importance to an ad depending upon numerous factors includes:

  • Quality of the Ad
  • Relevant keywords
  • Bid Amount
  • Quality of Landing Page

Each Pay-per-click marketing has either one or more target viewers who are expected to complete the post by clicking the advertisement. These are conversions that can either be non-transactional or transactional.

You can keep a track of your conversions through your selected platform on how the advertisement is working.

Digital Marketing – The Advantages

What Is Digital Marketing? Definition, Types, Best Practices with Examples | Toolbox Marketing

Reach Audience Globally

This is obviously the first and foremost advantage of digital marketing. Using this platform, you can reach your existing and new customers all over the world within a fraction of a second at a lesser cost.

If you have a little doubt about using this platform even after knowing about what digital marketing is then obviously you can give it a second thought after learning this advantage.

Low Cost

As we have already seen in the first point, digital marketing can prove to be a cost-effective method to reach your customers globally at a lower cost compared to other age-old marketing methods. The only thing is it has to be pre-planned carefully and properly.

Maintain Transparency

The more you are open to your customers, the more they will embrace you by heart. Being involved with your customers through social media, you are likely to develop a sense of customer loyalty and build a reputation for open and smooth communication.

Personalize your Website

Yes, you have guessed it right…….

You can enhance the look of your website by making it more attractive and customizing it as per your customer preference.

Say for example if a customer visits your website then you can offer them lucrative offers. The more number products they purchase from you, the more you can improve customer profile and promote your products and services more effectively.

Not only this will keep your existing customers stay loyal but also attract new customers to your brand.

Higher Conversion Rates

Using digital marketing platforms, customers are just a few clicks ahead to make the purchase. It is quite different from the traditional methods of making phone calls or visiting shops one by one to get what you want.

Customers can simply open their laptops or smartphone and order the product they want to buy. The immediate and seamless way of purchasing the products paves the path for higher conversions.

Measurable & Trackable Outcome

This becomes quite easier in digital marketing. You can simply keep a record of your conversion rates and track the outcome online.

Knowing what digital marketing is and implementing it through different platforms is not an easy task. But once you learn the right ways, you can see improved brand loyalty, higher conversions, and higher sales generation.

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