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5 Key SEO For Youtube Techniques For Higher Success

5 Key SEO For Youtube Techniques For Higher Success

Want to see your YouTube Channel in the top rank? Well, then we have come up with some effective SEO for youtube tips for channel optimization and see it at the peak among top rankers. 

As we all know YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms and is also considered to be the top among search engines on the internet. SEO for Youtube is a way to optimize your videos and channels to enhance your channel at the top of search engine results. These tips are going to help you optimize your video content on this platform.

Do Keyword Research

Like Google keywords are a must for SEO for youtube. This is because the platform

  • Identifies the content of your video
  • Indexes the subject &
  • Relates it with the searches of the user

For this reason, it is a must to add the keywords to few important fields such as

  • Tags
  • Title &
  • Description etc

Say for example once you upload the file of your video, YouTube can get this information and utilize it for ranking.

SEO and Search on YouTube: The A-Z On YouTube SEO | Media Shark

Hence you should identify and learn the best keywords for your video content on YouTube and also attract more audiences to your channel.

Now, the question is how you are going to search for the best suitable keywords for your YouTube video channel. Have a look at some great tips for keyword research for your potential video content on the YouTube channel.

Firstly, use the basic tool on YouTube i.e. the auto-complete search bar. It functions to assist user searches depending upon the words mostly seen on the search engines. Further, it can help you create new keyword ideas to optimize the video content.

Secondly, it is the benchmark that helps you create the best suitable keywords for your video content. Your competitors help you find the right set of keywords. For this, you can visit their channels (if they have good viewers) and surely you will get good results soon for the most popular videos.

Try out these effective tips and see the results for your video optimization.

Find the Best Suitable Keyword

Once you have come up with a good number of keywords, it is high time to pick up the best suitable keyword from the list. You would desire to target low-competition keywords. This is a must if your YouTube channel has lesser subscribers.

If you run after competitive words then your video/s possibly can get buried under the search engines. Rather identify the keywords that are not in competition.

How will you check?

All that you have to do are:

  • Keyword Search on Google – Type the keyword and search on the major search engine.
  • Check “About results” – This is the number representing the entire videos on YouTube with that keyword. Higher the number, the higher the competition is. Hence always target the keywords that have reduced the number of “About results” on the search engines.

In general, you can search for the right set of keywords on Google through the following tips

  • Keywords with How-to (How to prepare cappuccino)
  • Reviews (Dre Review)
  • Tutorials (Set up the WordPress)
  • Sports or Fitness Related (kickboxing)
  • Funny Videos (cartoons)

The key tips are must to optimize your video content and get your channel at the top of SEO for youtube.

Make & Post High-Retention Videos

The fact is you need to keep your viewers engaged to rank your videos at the top. And this is the most effective SEO for youtube tip for your videos.

Let me help you with the meaning of Audience Retention. This implies the number of your videos viewers keep watching and is considered as one of the highest-ranking factors.

Say for example if your videos keep viewers hooked on YouTube, the channel surely will keep your video in the top results of search engines.

But the question is “How will you create your viewers engaged?” Here are 3 easy tips to create high-retention videos for your channel.

  • Begin with the summary of your video – It should be catchy and keeps your viewers hooked till the end.
  • Get into the Content directly – Don’t waste time saying other things that can actually create a sense of dissatisfaction among viewers making them drop off the video immediately. So, move into the content after the summarization directly.
  • Go for Open Loops – End your video by giving hints about what you have planned for your next video like what your next video will be all about.

These three things are a great way to enhance your video content and obviously “Audience Retention” in the long run.

Apply Video Hashtags  to Improve Search Results on YouTube

Hashtags (#) are very popular all over social media and also for SEO for youtube now. They are widely used to help viewers look for their respective contents they search over an array of platforms. These hashtags given in the descriptions of videos help viewers find a particular video they are looking for.

When you use the hashtag in your video description, it is shown over your video’s title to be hyperlinked.

Yes, it is again important to know wherein you should add the Hashtags in the videos. Adding a hashtag in the title of the video description will help your videos to be found and watched more and more.

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Apply a Customized Thumbnail for your Video

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Video thumbnails are the main images audiences see while scrolling the video results on YouTube.

In addition to the title of the video, the thumbnail sends signals to viewers about the content to create an impact on the number of views and clicks your video/s get. Although you can use the thumbnails suggested by the channel itself……I would recommend customized thumbnails to impact SEO for youtube.

It has been reported that 90% of the topmost performing videos on the channel have customized thumbnails with 1280*720 pixels images.

Custom thumbnails work better and effectively for your video posts on YouTube.

Try out all these methods and I am sure you are going to have a good number of clicks and views for your videos.

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